Code of Conduct

Bocanegra members are elegant, respectful and generous. We conduct ourselves in a tasteful manner while exploring our sexual desires.

To maintain a safe environment, our members are expected to conduct themselves with dignity and show respect to one another and follow the polices listed below:

  • You must ask before you touch. 

  • If you are reported for misbehavior, we will conduct an investigation and if we find any wrongdoing, you will be asked to leave. Misbehavior could lead to termination of your membership.

  • Discuss your fantasies and boundaries with your partner. We created the Yes No Maybe game designed to help couples start sexy conversations around fulfilling their deepest fantasies. It's a spreadsheet listing over 50 fantasies you and your partner can choose from. This game only works on a laptop or iPad. We made this game 100% free and we hope you find it useful. Play here

  • No cell phones are allowed.​ Security will store and secure your phones before you enter.

  • No illegal substances are allowed.

  • No weapons (firearms, pepper spray etc.) are allowed.

  • You will not use or attempt to use photography or video recording.

  • All rooms shall remain unlocked and open at all times. 

  • Money exchange of any kind is not tolerated at our events.​

  • You are responsible for your health and wellness. 

  • You may bring your own toys and props for play. You are responsible for your belongings.

  • Privacy must be respected by all members and employees of Bocanegra.​

  • You agree not to disclose any information of Bocanegra Club members and employees to any media.

Dress Code

  • All members are strongly encouraged to wear a masquerade mask. If you bring a mask, you may take it off as the night progresses. To purchase a masquerade mask, we recommend our partner You may use the code Bocanegra15 at checkout for 15% off site-wide.

  • Women may wear a dress, lingerie, blouse or skirt. No jeans please.

  • We require men to wear a dark suit, tuxedo or dark pants. Must be business formal.  Ties / bow-ties are optional. 


Anyone who violates the code of conduct or doesn't follow the dress code will be asked to leave and may be banned from the club.