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Our members are elegant, respectful and generous. We conduct ourselves in a tasteful manner while exploring our sexual desires.

To maintain a safe and fun environment, our members are expected to conduct themselves with dignity and show respect to one another by following our code of conduct.

Anyone who violates the code of conduct or doesn't follow the dress code will be asked to leave and may be banned from the club.

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code of conduct

Rules | Dress Code


Ask before you touch 


If you are reported for misbehavior, we will conduct an investigation, and if we find any wrongdoing, you will be asked to leave. Misbehavior will likely lead to termination of your membership.​

We believe communication and fairness is important. So we never favor anyone over anyone else for any reason. We make decisions based on a sensible and unbiased conversation between staff and anyone else involved. 


Discuss your fantasies and boundaries with your partner. We created the Yes No Maybe game designed to help couples start sexy conversations around fulfilling their deepest fantasies.


It's a spreadsheet listing over 50 fantasies you and your partner can choose from. This game only works on a laptop or iPad. We made this game 100% free and we hope you find it useful. Play here

Discuss with your partner

Keep each other safe

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We have armed-security to help ensure a safe environment for everyone. Our security will also accompany you to any ride-sharing vehicle for pickup or drop-off per your request.


No illegal substances or weapons (firearms, pepper spray etc.) are allowed.​ No money exchange is tolerated, except for when tipping at our bartender.


All rooms must remain unlocked at all times. You may bring your own toys and props to play in our rooms. You can use our coat check to store your belongings. If you loose or misplace anything, we'll email attendees about any lost and found items 24 hours after the event.


No cell phones are allowed.​ Security will store and secure your phones before you enter and return them to you when you depart. 

 Do not share any information about our members, employees or the event itself to any news media and any form of social media. 


If you'd like to share a review, suggestion or give feedback, it'll be best for everyone to use our contact form.

Respect everyones privacy

Dress code

for women

We require women to wear a dark dress, lingerie, blouse or skirt.

Dress code for men

We require men to wear a dark suit, tuxedo or collar shirt with dark pants. Ties / bow-ties are optional. 

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