How can I attend an event?

Only members who are on the VIP list can attend events. However, anyone can apply to by on the VIP list but submiting a form here. Tickets are sold via email. Once you're on the VIP list, you'll be sent an email when our next event is announce with a link to purchase your tickets.

What do I get for signing up?

You'll be able to create a profile and join groups where you can ineract with other members. In the future, you'll have access to exclusive content. virtual events, classes and more! Anyone can sign up to become a members of the site but not everyone can attend events. To attend our events, you must be approved to our VIP list.

How do I get chosen to be on the VIP list?

We approve members based on a varity of factors such as event capacity, age range and membership type. What we try to do is offer a good balance of ages and membership types while keeping a max capacity depending on the venue. For these reasons, it's best to apply to get on the VIP list as soon as you hear about an upcoming event.

Will my profile be private?

Yes, all profiles are set to private by default, so not even other members can see your profile until you make it public. When you profile is public, it's only public to other members and won't appear on search engines.

Can I create my own group?

Yes! You can create unlimited groups and invite other members to join.