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Bocanegra Club, founded by Josh Bocanegra, is a private members club that hosts erotic events for couples worldwide. Each event takes place in a location that is kept secret until a specific time prior to the event.

Our club is for open-minded romantic partners who enjoy exploring their fantasies and indulging their passionate desires while being surrounded by an intimate, comfortable, and discreet setting.


We require men to wear a suitable tuxedo with a bowtie or overcoat with dark jeans, while women should be elegantly dressed in evening wear or lingerie. We welcome intelligent and charming single men and women, who may attend at if accepted to our guest list.  


To maintain a safe environment, our members are expected to conduct themselves with dignity and show respect to one another. Our golden rule is consent. Before we touch, we always inquire first. Anyone who violates this will be banned permanently from the club. 


In order to attend our events, one must first apply to become a Bocanegra Club member. All applications are confidential and are used strictly to maintain the highest caliber of attendees.


If selected, you will gain access to upcoming events and be able to purchase tickets. To be considered, you need to upload two photos of both people.

Your data is encrypted using AES encryption and will never be sold or used by a third party. You must be at least 21 to apply.

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