The 10 Golden Rules For Buying A Stylist Suit

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Buying a new suit can be confusing when you don't know what you're looking for.

There are so many decisions involved and so many materials, colors, fits and styles to choose from.

The good thing about Bocanegra events is that men will always have the same dress code. So you only need to know the rules of buying a suit once.

In this article, we're saving you time, money and whole lot of headache. We explain exactly what to look for when buying a suit.

Rule #1. Buy A Suit Online Or Offline?

Your first step is to make a decision: will you buy your suit online or offline? Which is better? That depends on what you value.

Buying a suit online

If you want options, the best selection is always going to be online.

For convenience, nothing beats buying online. You can buy a custom suit at 7 AM while drinking your morning coffee.

With this option though, you must know your measurements. We recommend getting your measurements by visiting your local tailoring shop. A simple Google search like "Los Angeles tailoring" will do. In a lot of cases, they'll do it for free.

Buying a suit offline

If you need a suit quickly – you're going to need to walk into a store.

If you want customer service, go to a